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Author Interview: Allison M. Dickson – Number One Angel

Allison M Dickson - Author
Today I had the wonderful opportunity to interview the beautiful, and oh so talented, Allison M Dickson for her latest short story titled, Number One Angel, featured in Wrapped in Black by Sekhmet Press. Come check out what fun things Allison does to relax and her favorite way to kill a character. Beef stew, anyone?  Tiny bit spoilerish ...  If you [...]

Author Interview – Gregory L. Norris: Comes the Rain

Gregory Norris - Author
Today I have the honor and privilege of interview Gregory L Norris whose short story is the second feature in Wrapped in Black by Sekhmet Press titled Comes the Rain. This story was truly near and dear to my heart.  I absolutely LOVED the family bonds which tied this story together.  Since it was so endearing, I needed to reach out to Gregory to learn [...]

Author Interview – Gordon White: Hair Shirt Drag

Gordon White - Author of Hair Shirt Drag for Wrapped in Black
"Abracadabra, bitches."  My favorite line from the newest anthology from Sekhmet Press - Wrapped in Black! I had the incredible pleasure of interviewing each of the authors selected to appear in this anthology, and boy howdy ... they do make for an interesting bunch! Let's start off with Gordon White . A crazed New Yorker who claims to be equal [...]

Author Interview: Solomon Archer for Inseperable

Solomon Archer - Author
Today we interviewed the truly psychotic and creepy Solomon Archer. A pseudonym to protect his identity from the years of being a clinical psychologist, Solomon gives voice to those who have shared their stories in a truly skin crawling account.  Today he shares with us his inspiration on his short story titled Inseperable, featured in Sekhmet Press [...]

Author Interview: Patrick O’Neill for The Other One

Patrick O'Neill - Author
Today on our 10th day of the Wrapped in White Anthology tour from Sekhmet Press, we welcome Patrick O'Neill who says if he were a toy it would be a Mr. Potato head disassembled, and reassembled Frankenstyle!  Patrick gives us the inspiration behind his short story titled, The Other One, inspired by true haunted accounts of his childhood.  Let's read on [...]
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