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Unabridged Blog Tour Book – Author Interview and Review

Today I was asked to be a part of book release blog tour for Melinda de Ross.  Even though romance isn't my first go-to genre, this was a fun, cute read at a second chance relationship.  I had a chance to interview Melinda as well as feature a drop in from her main character. If you love romance books, check out the rafflecopter entry to enter your [...]

Exsanguinate Audiobook Sneak Peek & Listen

Carolyn Johnson - Exsanguinate Audiobook Voice Talent
We are incredibly excited to announce the Exsanguinate audiobook is officially in production.  Scheduled to release in Winter 2014, please be our guest in listening to a sneaky peak from Exsanguinate with the podcast player below. No need to download - just click and enjoy :) Please Welcome Our Talented Narrator ~  Carolyn Johnson! We are blessed to [...]

Jane the Hippie Vampire by Leigh M Lane

Jane the Hippie Vampire by Author Lisa Lane
Take a ride of the wild side with a soul-sucking incubus, gun-toting gangbangers, redneck werewolves, and blood withdrawals in Leigh M Lane's latest release - Jane the Hippie Vampire ~ Love Beads! That Which Doesn’t Kill You Jane’s a pretty laid back gal considering all she’s gone through in the last fifty years. She’s dodged death more times than [...]

Exsanguinate – FREE This Weekend!

Our gift to you and yours - Exsanguinate, World of Blood Book 1 is FREE this weekend.  If you haven't had a chance to stop by and grabbed yourself a copy - here's your chance!  It'll be available through Monday - please share our gift to those who love a good 'ole vampire, werewolf, and dragon tromp mixed into a contemporary modern gaming reality! We [...]

Author Interview: Solomon Archer for Inseperable

Solomon Archer - Author
Today we interviewed the truly psychotic and creepy Solomon Archer. A pseudonym to protect his identity from the years of being a clinical psychologist, Solomon gives voice to those who have shared their stories in a truly skin crawling account.  Today he shares with us his inspiration on his short story titled Inseperable, featured in Sekhmet Press [...]
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